Friday, April 1, 2011

Glad To Be Back...

Glad to be back to my blog, between the busy winter months at work and my family of let's see now, 7...I have been unable to get on my blog lately. I have been working on a few new and fun projects, one of which has been completed (will post pic next). However, I am still working on my "Penny Rug" which has been a blast, as well as dabbling in to some encaustic painting. I went to a siminar/class last Saturday on Encaustic Painting and was absolutely captured. Anyway, look at my 3 (one is lying in the daffodils, Choco, my choc lab) darlings! It has grown from "Me and Bis" to "Me and Bis and Choco and Sadie". I guess I should change the name of my blog to "Me and All Three! Thank you to all that have been following my blog and thanks for your comments. Hope to be better at keeping up now that spring is here and my schedule will slow down. I will be adding more fun"stuff" that I am creating as I create. Have a blessed day everyone!!!

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