Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time Well Spent...

Today, Me and Bis took the day off from creating, just a very busy, family reunion, and then I took the time to download some photos of my finished and ongoing projects. So, we will be "back at it" tomorrow. I am really, really into making my own books, love the covering process and the binding. There are so many different binding techniques and I am finding that I have to at least TRY them all. Some I care for way more than others, but happy to try each one I come across. Thus far, I have created a Piano Hinge Book, a Japanese Stab bound book, a Flag book, Coptic bound book, Beaded bound book, and just some miscellaneous bindings, some of which I came up with and designed on my own. Here is a photo of my Piano Hinge Book. It is made from handmade paper purchased from an Art, Craft and Frame store locally. I have chosen to use skewers in the binding process. Also chose to use beads. I plan to use this book as a Garden Journal in the near future. It was a fun project that I truly enjoyed, and IF you haven't tried it yet, you really should, it is amazing. There are instructions online as well as many books to teach you how. Just dig and dive in! I will try to post more photos later. The photo showing a view of the spine of the book isn't cooperating at the soon as it does, I will add it too. Have a great day, pick out a fun project to start this week!

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